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Doctoral College for intersectionality studies

PKIS - Doctoral College 053 - Hans Böckler Foundation

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Associate Scientists

Prof. Dr. Orly Benjamin

Professor for Sociology and Women Studies at the Bar-Ilan-University, Israel

E-Mail: orly.benjamin@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Tanu Biswas

Professor for Pedagogy at the University Stavanger, Norwegen

E-Mail: tanu.biswas@uis.no

Prof. Dr. Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe

Professor for Design Theory and Feminist Space Research at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel FHNW, Switzerland

E-Mail: aylin.tschoepe@fhnw.ch

Dr. Julia Dittmann

Doctor for Media Science and Film Heritage at the Filmuniversity Potsdam

E-Mail: j.dittmann@filmuniversitaet.de

Prof. Dr. Mastoureh Fathi

Professor for Sociology at the University College Dublin, Irland

E-Mail: mastoureh.fathi@ucd.ie

Prof. Dr. Georg Hein

Professor for Mathematics at the University Duisburg-Essen

E-Mail: georg.hein@uni-due.de

Dr. Pelagia Goulimari

Doctor for Feminist Studies at the University of Oxford, UK

E-Mail: pelagia.goulimari@ell.ox.ac.uk

Prof. Dr. S. N. Nyeck

Associate Professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA (starting Fall 2022)

E-Mail: sn.nyeck@colorado.edu

Prof. Dr. Nicole Mayer-Ahuja

Professor for Sociology at the Georg-August-University Göttingen

E-Mail: nicole.mayer-ahuja@sowi.uni-goettingen.de

Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Walcott

Professor for Women and Gender Studies at the Universtiy of Toronto, Kanada

E-Mail: rinaldo.walcott@utoronto.ca

Prof. Dr. Katharina Walgenbach

Professor for Education and Difference at FernUni Hagen

E-Mail: katharina.walgenbach@fernuni-hagen.de

Foto von Kyriaki Topidi

Dr. habil. Kyriaki Topidi

Head of research cluster Culture & Diversity at the European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI)

E-Mail: topidi@ecmi.de

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