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Doctoral College for intersectionality studies

PKIS - Doctoral College 053 - Hans Böckler Foundation

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Who we are

Building on decades of academic and political work by women of color, we would like to contribute to further establishing intersectionality studies. In the doctoral college, professors and doctoral students work together - in cooperation with associated scientists from Germany and international contexts as well as trade union actors and actors from social movements. The applicant professors stand for the transdisciplinary approach of the doctoral college and include Prof. Susan Arndt (English Studies), Prof. Ingrid Artus (Sociology), Prof. Andrea Behrends (Anthropology), Dr. Serawit Debele (Religious Studies), Prof. Matthew Hannah (Geography), Prof. Annette Henninger (Political Science), Prof. Thoko Kaime (Law) and Prof. Kristin Skottki (History). Prof. Maisha Auma (Educational Science and Diversity Studies), Prof. Ulrike Lembke (Law) and Prof. Shankar Raman (Literature) work on the advisory board. Framed this way, the doctoral college for intersectionality studies will combine transdisciplinary approaches to intersectionality research as a practical intervention and draw from the wealth of (international) expertise. Accordingly, the doctoral college will consolidate intersectionality research in the German and European research landscape and establish intersectionality studies as an academic discipline. The college relies on structured doctoral training, which at the same time offers freedom for individual research and work. In line with the transdisciplinary approach of the college, scientists with a wide variety of disciplinary and thematic backgrounds are needed who take a critical look at intersectional social inequalities and explore facets of intersectional solidarity and justice.

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