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Promotionskolleg für Intersektionalitätsstudien

PKIS - Promotionskolleg 053 - Hans Böckler Stiftung

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Eröffnungsveranstaltung des Promotionskollegs für Intersektionalitätsstudien


Poster Opening Event

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Zur Keynote:

13. February 2023


Iwalewahaus Bayreuth & YouTube

Intersectional Knowledge as Interventional Turn

Power has a long history of building social inequalities. In order to intervene powerfully, agencies rely on intersectional knowledge about how power operates, how social inequalities can be addressed and how resistance can be molded. This will be discussed by one of Germany’s most influential scholars and activists on intersectionality and racism, Peggy Piesche, in the course of her keynote during the opening of the Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies at Bayreuth University.

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