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Doctoral College for intersectionality studies

PKIS - Doctoral College 053 - Hans Böckler Foundation

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Date News
23.06.2023 Interview by Susan Arndt on the open letter with the topic of "Söders Genderverbot"
23.06.2023 Call for Contributions - "Intersectionality in Arts, Activism and Academia: Dialogue, Approaches, and Future(s)/Visions"
15.06.2023 Lecture by Tanu Biswas
24.04.2023 Cluster Conversations with Thoko Kaime
14.04.2023 Susan Arndt plädiert für eine Sprache ohne Rassismus - SWR
29.03.2023 Susan Arndt - The (Historical) Interplay of Colonialism, Racism and Language
01.03.2023 Call for applications for doctoral scholarships
13.02.2023 Opening Event of the Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies
12.02.2023 Susan Arndt - Opening of the Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies - Political Intersectionality as Intervention into FutureS

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